Structure packages for Dimensionality reduction -- t-SNE available?

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I was wondering whether t-SNE is available in one of the packages, because I couldn’t find it. In either case, it has been implemented already and it would be nice if we could incorporate it in the MultivariateStats.jl package.

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On its own:


Thanks for the prompt response! I found that one as well. I was just wondering why it’s not in the MultivariateStats.jl package… also it would be nice to divide the Dimensionality Reduction methods in MultivariateStats.jl into linear and non-linear techniques. And maybe merge it with or at least refer to the ManifoldLearning.jl package so it is easier to locate. Just some suggestions.
Also, is BGPLVM isn’t in ManifoldLearning.jl either.

Another question: ICA based on the JADE algorithm isn’t available, is it?

Yea I have no idea. I’m just happy it’s registered at last!

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