Structural SImplify Unable to perform broadcast equation


In a model I habe been building, I go to perform structural simplify upon it and it results in the following error MethodError: no method matching length(::SymbolicUtils.BasicSymbolic{Any}).

The code to blame for this appears to be the following, specifically the first line calculating ΔE.

function fgr_electron_generation(egrid::Symbolics.Arr{Num, 1},DOS::Spline1D,ftot::Symbolics.Arr{Num, 1},hv::Num)
    ΔE = egrid.-hv
    return DOS.(ΔE).*ftotspl.(ΔE).*(1 .-ftotspl.(egrid))

This function is nested inside the following vector of equations.

eqs = [Δfe ~ fgr_electron_generation(egrid,DOS,ftot,hv),
          Δfh ~ fgr_hole_generation(egrid,DOS,ftot,hv),
          pc_sf ~ fgr_particleconservation(DOS,Δfh,Δfe,egrid,μ),
          Δfshape ~ (Δfe*pc_sf)-Δfh,
          δ ~ laser/fgr_excitation_internalenergy(Δfshape,DOS,egrid,μ),
          Δflas ~ δ.*Δfshape]

I have been unable to reproduce an MWE so unfortunately I have had to give you the more convoluted real code. Sorry about that. Any help would be great? Thank you

In general structural simplify works with broadcast, so without an MWE I am not entirely sure what the issue is here.