Streaming julia terminal output (stdout stderr) to http server

I have a Julia monitoring script (an infinite loop) which is gathering data from several sources and writing it to different MariaDB databases.
I would now like to run this as a service. Is there a simple why that I can stream the terminal output of the Julia process to an HTTP.jl server (such that I can see the log in a browser)? While I have some experience with HTTP.jl (client side) and Dash.jl (and Flask in Python) I don’t quite know how to approach this. I have no preference if the HTTP server is a separate Julia instance.

Any pointers / links are appreciated.

After some googling I found this: GitHub - mthenw/frontail: 📝 streaming logs to the browser. Sponsored by
It seems this does publish any log file in the browser. Thus I can redirect stdout/stderr to a text file and I am done.