Strange behavior in Revise.jl

Hi all-

I encountered a situation in which Revise.jl seems not to to work as expected. I created two modules: myModule and otherModule. myModule is distributed on four of my processors, whereas otherModule is loaded only on the first processor and uses myModule. Edits on myModule update on all processors as expected, but othermodule does not update. Here is a minimum working example, with edits commented out:

module myModule
    export f
    f() = "I am from myModule."
    #f() = "I can be edited."
module otherModule
    export g
    using myModule
    g() = "I am from other Module."
    #g() = "I cannot be edited."

Top level code:

path = "/home/dfish/Projects/myFolder"
using Distributed
@everywhere push!(LOAD_PATH,$path)
@everywhere using myModule,Revise
using otherModule

Am I doing something incorrectly?

I believe this might be a bug. So in the absence of any indications suggesting otherwise, I filed an issue.

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