Stipple Data Processing

It will be great if there is an example demonstrating how you can upload and process a CSV file.

For example, it will be nice to show you can upload a custom CSV file to perform k-means clustering using the example StippleDemos/IrisClustering at master · GenieFramework/StippleDemos · GitHub but uploading . The CSV file should be uploaded using for example StippleDemos/BasicExamples/CsvUpload at master · GenieFramework/StippleDemos · GitHub

Any suggestions how this can be done

CC @essenciary and @AbhimanyuAryan

I am no expert but looking at the CSV upload example, once the CSV is uploaded, you just need to store the path somewhere to that CSV in your model.
Then, perhaps you could either pass that path at the same time you upload it to the processing you want to do or have a button that you can click which triggers an operation based on the path.

The above CC’d are the experts in Genie!

P.S. This is a pretty fun problem - let me tinker on this this evening and get back to you with an idea.

saw your question on GitHub. Will reply