Steven Johnson's #19847 (more verbose multi-line display for Char)

This is excellent!

What I think would be very useful to have added to this PR is to display the possible \<name><tab> (and there may be more than one) methods for inputting the character.
It might also be very useful to add whether or not the character is a valid start indentifier character or identifier character for Julia, and whether it is possible to use as an unary or binary infix operator.

Another place I think it would be great if this information were to be displayed is in the help system (in a separate PR, I guess, after #19847).
For example, if you type ?xor or ?⊻ (in v0.6), the help shows that you can enter it either with \xor or \veebar, but that was added manually just for that function. If you type ?in, it shows 4 different Unicode character operators (∈, ∋, ∉, ∌), but no information on how to enter them. Even if the help system finds no bindings for a particular Unicode character, it could display the information from #19847, plus any <name> forms, as well as the rest of the information I suggested above, about how it can be used in Julia for identifiers and/or operators.

EDIT: After discussion in the Gitter chat with @TotalVerb, I agree with him now that the extra information is Julia specific, and so should be displayed just in the help system, not in show.

Another thought of something that still might be useful information, not Julia specific (and wouldn’t require a lot of room like putting the Unicode name) might be to also about put the 1-4 bytes of of UTF-8 encoding, for example:
🖖 Unicode: U+1F596, UTF-8: F0 9F 96 96

What do people think about adding that to #19847?