Status of WebIO

I was trying to use Interact.jl in the browser, and I ran into an issue with WebIO being incompatible with the latest WebSockets. Now, WebSockets itself does not seem to have been updated for over a year, and I understand that there is now a replacement in HTTP.jl. There is even a PR in WebIO (500) to do that port, and I tried to test it, but it is dated and I couldn’t make the tests run.
My question is: what is the general status of WebIO? If it’s not maintained any more, is there something else I could use to make Interact.jl run in the browser? I could spend some time on this, but I’d like to have some sense of where to focus first.


We’ve been planning to establish Bonito (formerly JSServe) as an Interact/WebIO replacement…
There has been a bit of a discussion about it on discourse and GitHub…
Nobody has had time to tackle it though, but Bonito should have everything in place to replace interact!


Wow! And with Makie integration! Thanks!!