Status of Dynamic Parallelism Support in CUDANative.jl

I found the following issue about dynamic parallelism, and I was wondering if there is any date by which CUDANative is expected to support dynamic parallelism in the future, or if there is any update on that.

No changes yet, and I haven’t had the time to work on new features lately.
I also haven’t really needed dynamic parallelism; is it a feature you use often?

I wouldn’t say I use it often, because I am still a Cuda newbie. But from my readings, I understand that it makes implementing GPU accelerated versions of recursive algorithms more natural. My application is kind of a search tree, actually an optimization algorithm. A BFS might be easy to implement by returning control to the CPU everytime a deeper level needs to be searched, leaving the tree management to the CPU and the number crunching to the GPU. I was just considering dynamic parallelism as the more natural alternative for these kind of problems.

I’ll put it somewhat higher in my TODO list :slight_smile:
No promises though, especially with JuliaCon and the summer holidays coming up.

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Great. Thanks a lot.