Status of AxisArrays?

I wonder, what’s the current status of AxisArrays? I’m considering to use it in a long-term project, and maybe contribute a few improvement to AxisArrays along the way - I noticed that there has been little activity in the last months and there seem to be a quite a few stalled PRs. Plus, there’s the thing with AxisArrays.axes that should, I guess, dealt with via an API change (with deprecation) in AxisArrays.

Has AxisArrays been replaced by a newer solution, or is it just idling a bit because people are busy with other (more pressing) projects?

I don’t know of any newer solution, nor do I know of anything that leads me to suspect we need one. I think the fundamental problem is that the people who have contributed most to AxisArrays seem to be stretched pretty thin.

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Ah, right, I thought it might be something like that. Ok, I’ll use it and if there’s pain maybe it’ll manifest itself as PRs. :slight_smile: