State of DSP?

The best thing would be if we could have a “Julia code exchange” a place to share codes and algorithms even if they are partial and do not cover the whole range of possibilities.

If you wrote something for array of Float32 which is useful for me but I need it to support other types , it’s fairly easy.
Or someone might get inspired to take an algo and cater for all the corner cases and publish it as part of Package.

We can benefit greatly if we share code and algorithms that do not yet warrant a new package or are in state clean enough to publish as a package.

In works great in Matlab file exchange.

Preferably each shared code will be in file or will have a single file to include, and some documentation on what and how.

By the way , algorithms written to support only single float are way easier to understand and modify than algorithms that have extra spaghetti of overloads to cater for all cases.
Actually algorithms are better shared that way …

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