State of currying-PR

I have found this PR from years ago:

I would love this feature, and I am not alone. Does anyone have a status/summary on this? The discussion is too technical at several points for me to follow.

It seems like perfect is being the enemy of the good, and that is such a shame for such a highly-requested feature. Would it be possible to reach a consensus based on some type of voting?


I also cannot speak for all the technical language discussions in that PR but as a user i would love that feature too. So IMHO this would enhance my programming experience in Julia. :slightly_smiling_face:

The end of the discussion mentions a test PR by Simeon (test parser support for underscore curry by simeonschaub · Pull Request #40860 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub). So, work is being done but it looks like this functionality would break many packages

The original version of the functionality in the PR (a Scala-like “tight-binding” syntax) was not breaking because it did not change the AST (and it only affected code that is currently an error).

The thing that is breaking is to try to implement a more expansive binding of the underscore by inserting new AST nodes.


I’m definitely in favor of the PR in its original version. Then maybe in 2.0 we can get rid of the special currying methods for >, ==, startswith, etc.

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Came also across this PR the other day. Certainly a feature I would love to see. More so since the base R pipe which has been added in R 4.1 will supposedly support an underscore operator with the same functionality in R 4.2 (would be neat to have roughly the same base piping functionalities in both languages without extra packages).


Do you have a link for this? It would be nice to see what semantics they chose.

I was looking for it, but couldn’t find it (but I also have heard, and not read about it iirc). I spent some more time checking and so far no changes to the pipe implementation have been made in 4.2 dev if I can tell correctly (usually I am not that deep into language internals). r-svn/gram.c at master · r-devel/r-svn · GitHub

Edit: Also on svn

If I get any details on this I surely will remember to post them here though.

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Maybe some more info pops up there as well.


if it’s breaking then maybe that PR should get a 2.0 milestone? would love to have this feature too.

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It seems R has settled on a placeholder implementation for the new Base.Pipe (leaving this here because i promised earlier):


Maybe the folks who have discussed the related Julia PR find this useful?


Is there still interest in this? Since it was removed from the 1.x milestone 9 days ago.

I think it’d be an absolutely fantastic feature, improving readability and elegance of code. To me personally, it’s also a big step towards julia really feeling like a functional language.


It’s hard to work on it without getting clear buy-in from the core devs on the semantics.

Personally, I favor the Scala-like “tight-binding” semantics of the original PR, which is backwards-compatible, simple to explain and reason about, and gives clear improvements in simple cases (while for everything else you can use ->).

Every attempt to devise a more expansive DWIM syntax (to handle compound expressions like 1 + 2_) led to confusion, breakage, and ultimately ground progress to a halt.