Start, step, length for `range`

I am getting an error when trying to create a range with a start, step, length:

julia> range(start=0, step=fs, length=2^10)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching range(; start=0, step=0.01, length=1024)

Is there any good reason why this is not a method? It is useful in my context, which is when I know a sampling-frequency, and want to have a length that is a power of 2 for FFT-purposes.

I quickly realized that I can create the wanted range by 0:fs:fs*(2^10-1), but it would be nice to have the more explicit method using range() available - it is useful, as demonstrated by the fact that I initially forgot to include the -1 necessary to get the desired length.

start is a positional argument, so this works

julia> range(0, step=0.01, length=2^10)

There has been this issue recently which discussed the design of the range API in detail:


It was fixed in 1.7. You just need to wait when it will be announced as release candidate. Till that time you should use your workaround or use start as a positional argument as it was said in previous comment.

julia> range(start=0, step=0.01, length=2^10)

julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.7.0-DEV.538

Amazing, good to hear.