Sporadic segfaults in 0.6-rc3 and DataStreams


Something decidedly fishy is going on in 0.6-rc3. I keep getting sporadic segfaults when trying to use DataStreams. I had this problem in the past, but it seemed to happen mostly when using ODBC and it was much rarer. Now I’m running into it quite frequently.

Now I’m encountering this problem during my work at resurrecting the SQLAlchemy wrapper. The segfault always seems to be appearing here at the time when Data.stream! is called (i.e. it doesn’t seem to actually get into Data.stream!). Whether or not I actually get a segfault seems to depend on the exact state of my code, i.e. adding print statements can cause it to appear or disappear.

This is a little scary: it’s the first time I’m encountering a segfault which seems to almost definitely be coming from Julia itself and also seems impossible to consistently evade.

Is there any chance that any of the recent 0.6 PR’s might have fixed this?

@quinnj, have you encountered any similar problems when working on DataStreams on 0.6-rc3?


Would it be worthwhile to file an issue on github? I was hesitant to do so as my information on the bug is so poor, but I’m not sure how else to reproduce it. @davidanthoff, might this be similar to the bugs you were encountering?