Spoken-language programming (also for Julia?): Cursorless programming language

I just found Cursorless fascinating. It’s not (seemingly) for blind programmers, rather other disabilities, or none, since it claims maybe even faster than typing.

built on:
“tree-sitter is a real-time, error tolerant parser”

the paradigm is tacit programming /point-free style (like Forth, APL, jq, bash…, etc.):

What do jq and bash [and Cursorless] have in common?
Designed for interactive use, not for large-scale maintainable programs


The cursorless talk was awesome. I haven’t had time to try it, but I hope to use it soon.

I think tree-sitter-julia would work well enough for cursorless and it’s already listed on vscode-parse-tree. If the grammar is missing something feel free to open an issue.

If you (or someone) is interested in writing the query patterns and whatever else is needed to add support also feel free to ping me.

Relatedly, I know there’s a Julia package for doing speech-to-text stuff in Julia: JustSayIt.jl. I haven’t used it, I just know it’s based on vosk instead of talon. Ironically, the juliacon talk that presented the package has terrible audio.