Specify [compat] for _jll binary (Libtiff_jll)


I am having problem with the newly released version of Libtiff_jll which apparently breaks PROJ_jll.

I also filed an issue on Yggdrasil Problems with Libtiff_jllv4.5 and PROJ_jll · Issue #6928 · JuliaPackaging/Yggdrasil · GitHub, but it seems that from v4.5 Libtiff_jll does not provide a symbolink link for libtiff.so.5 anymore, only libtiff.so.6 and PROJ_jll seems to be explicitly calling libtiff.so.5 based on this error I get when trying to do using PROJ_jll with Libtiff_jll 4.5:

Proj [c94c279d-25a6-4763-9509-64d165bea63e]
Failed to precompile Proj [c94c279d-25a6-4763-9509-64d165bea63e] to "/root/.julia/compiled/v1.9/Proj/jl_wdU0cn".
ERROR: LoadError: InitError: could not load library "/root/.julia/artifacts/8a643038d2adde781829b4467a32afa307e23b51/lib/libproj.so"
libtiff.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I tried explicitly adding Libtiff 4.4 on a dummy environment and PROJ_jll loads correctly, so I thought I could just add Libtiff_jll as a direct dependency and then add
Libtiff_jll = "4.4"
inside my project [compat], but unfortunately that does not seem to work, the latest version is always installed.

Is there anyway to specify a compat for _jll libraries in a normal project/package?

I got a very prompt reply on the issue and I was just remembering wrongly the [compat] synthax.

Using “~4.4” correctly blocks updates to v4.5