Spanish language community


l’d like to use a spanish / español / ES tags for use with the Spanish speaking community, I would promote it’s use among JuliaLangEs networks.

I’d also like to have i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization) tags available.

Please, also refer to my previous post on the discussion categories thread.

What Tags do we need?
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Generally, tags denote either intercategory topics or key concepts too specialized to acquire their own category. I suppose that e.g. a spanish / español / ES tag will denote a topic’s language. Given the creation of a Spanish subforum, shouldn’t all posts written in the Spanish language be placed there, no matter their topic? A spanish tag would be useful for a topic posted outside the Spanish subforum. Should that be permitted/encouraged? If not, there is no need for international tags, only categories. Or could an international tag denote something other than the language of a topic? A decision should be taken on the matter before the creation of international tags.


@akis I agree with you, I’d rather have a Spanish sub forum than a Spanish tag, but I posted in both threads to see what the consensus was.

However the tags for i18n and l10n would be useful no mater in which natural language category the post is created and even if outside of the respective internationalization sub forum, for example one could be discussing about Gettext.jl (which is a package for i18n wrapped with PyCall) in a metaprogramming sub forum or in any other subforum, since even when the package is for i18n, the question could be about any other very specific thing, ranging from basic to advanced.

So even if we end up with a Internationalization category, a i18n tag would still be useful in this case. For example posts in Spanish (or any other language) unrelated to i18n wouldn’t need it, but a post in ie. Spanish that specifically discusses …maybe a package for i18n, could still make use of this tag.

So my proposal is to have (at least initially):

  • Categories:

    • Español (and other languages also upon addition request)
    • Internationalization
  • Tags:

    • i18n
    • l10n

I would not encourage Spanish threads outside the Spanish category.


How about a Languages category with Languages/Español as a subcategory? The top-level category name is a little confusing given that Julia is a language as well.


That makes a lot of sense, as I’ve been reading more posts, I just noticed, I’ve been using category and sub category interchangeably, which is of course wrong, I wonder if one sub category can have sub sub categories?

For example in the Languages/Español could we have:

  • Languages/Español/Aprendizaje Máquina for machine learning in Spanish,
  • Languages/Español/Estadística for Statistics in Spanish,
  • Languages/Español/Uso Básico for basic usage in Spanish,
  • etc.


That is, it would be useful if each language sub category could be able to mimic the top level hierarchy in order to keep things tidy.

@akis I’m still figuring out how does the permissions system works in discourse, but anyway I’d like to let you know that I’m willing to be an administrator of the Spanish sub category, please let me know what do you think.

I see here that only leaders have the sufficient trust level to have the equivalent of admin permissions.


Discourse does not support subsubcategories – there are only two levels. I’m wondering if it doesn’t make sense to have a separate Discourse setup for different language communities. That would certainly make mirroring the structure the easiest.


I generally support your suggestion, but I’m not in charge here. Take a look at the Plan and the Roles. There is stated on what conditions some users can get promoted to Leaders by the Admins, the latter being necessarily limited to only 5. The most engaged of them in Discourse are @vchuravy and @StefanKarpinski. There is currently no provision for language-specific roles:

But maybe they can figure out an alternative or an intermediate solution until promotion becomes possible.


I am not yet sure what the best solution for this problem is, but I would very much like to find a solution.

There is some discussion on meta.discourse that talks about best practices for multi-language forums:

Category based moderation rights is on the road-map for Discourse v1.8 and until then we will have to do with side-wide moderators.


I think that for now (until Discourse implements specific support for multiple languages) the only viable solution is a single subcategory for every other language, where they post everything in the same category (maybe with the old trick of labeling the titles of the topics). But for this to work smoothly, we need to tell the English-only users how to mute the Other Languages category in their Preferences (or somehow make that default).


It seems there are two categorization options:

  1. a “Non-English” or “other Languages” category with per-language subcategories
  2. Top-level categories per-language.

The benefit of option 2 is that with the language-specific community folks can subcategorize, which seems valuable. The only real advantage I can see to option 1 is that it saves clicks when you’re muting languages you don’t speak/understand.