Something missing in resolver output?

Is it just me or is something missing in this resolver output? (Julia 1.6.2):

ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels [6ad0dd24]:
 ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels [6ad0dd24] log:
 ├─possible versions are: 0.1.0-0.10.3 or uninstalled
 ├─restricted to versions 0.10 by GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors [4c5432b0], leaving only versions 0.10.0-0.10.3
 │ └─GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors [4c5432b0] log:
 │   ├─possible versions are: 0.6.4 or uninstalled
 │   └─GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors [4c5432b0] is fixed to version 0.6.4
 └─restricted by compatibility requirements with Distributions [31c24e10] to versions: uninstalled — no versions left
   └─Distributions [31c24e10] log:
     ├─possible versions are: 0.16.0-0.25.11 or uninstalled
     └─restricted to versions 0.25 by GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors [4c5432b0], leaving only versions 0.25.0-0.25.11
       └─GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors [4c5432b0] log: see above

This is resolving the Project.toml for the package GeneralizedEmpiricalPredictors, which looks like this:

name = "GeneralisedEmpiricalPredictors"
uuid = "4c5432b0-8e9c-4c5a-941e-a7be5b643bc3"
authors = ["Invenia Technical Computing Corporation"]
version = "0.6.4"

Compat = "34da2185-b29b-5c13-b0c7-acf172513d20"
CovarianceEstimation = "587fd27a-f159-11e8-2dae-1979310e6154"
Distances = "b4f34e82-e78d-54a5-968a-f98e89d6e8f7"
Distributions = "31c24e10-a181-5473-b8eb-7969acd0382f"
KernelFunctions = "ec8451be-7e33-11e9-00cf-bbf324bd1392"
LineSearches = "d3d80556-e9d4-5f37-9878-2ab0fcc64255"
LinearAlgebra = "37e2e46d-f89d-539d-b4ee-838fcccc9c8e"
Optim = "429524aa-4258-5aef-a3af-852621145aeb"
PDMats = "90014a1f-27ba-587c-ab20-58faa44d9150"
ParameterHandling = "2412ca09-6db7-441c-8e3a-88d5709968c5"
ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels = "6ad0dd24-5883-4d0e-8e8a-fd953a46efdc"
Statistics = "10745b16-79ce-11e8-11f9-7d13ad32a3b2"
Zygote = "e88e6eb3-aa80-5325-afca-941959d7151f"

Compat = "3"
CovarianceEstimation = "0.2"
Distances = "0.10"
Distributions = "0.25"
KernelFunctions = "0.10"
LineSearches = "7"
Optim = "1"
PDMats = "0.11"
ParameterHandling = "0.3"
ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels = "0.10"
Zygote = "0.5.5, 0.6"
julia = "1"

Previously this did not have a compat entry for Distributions, and 0.24.18 was used. There is a conflict with ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels, which requires Distributions 0.24, so I understand what the issue is. But shouldn’t there be another line at the bottom that either says something like:

     └─restricted by compatibility requirements with ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels [6ad0dd24] to versions: 0.23.0-0.24.18 — no versions left


It would be nice to tell what is specifically in conflict without looking at an extra package’s (in this case ProbabilisticAutoregressiveModels) Project.toml.

Advice on how to identify this case in resolver output so I know where to look would be appreciated as well. This is a simple case but when there are 10+ packages involved it can become much more difficult.