Some strange problems in vscode

Hi, all
In the past, when I was going to add a package, I entered ] and it would pop up:
(@1.6) pkg>
but now, it pop up
(IES) pkg>

IES is the first path in my workspace

the other mistake is when I start Julia REPL in vscode, it will pop up:
┌ Warning: no Manifest.toml file found, static paths used
└ @ Revise C:\Users\UserName.julia\packages\Revise\1boD5\src\packagedef.jl:1369
I guess this warning is caused by the above problems

when I try to add package, it will construct .toml file in the IES path.

please help me solve this problem, thanks a lot

This is a feature because often you’ll want the folder you work in to have its own environment. I think you can disable this behavior in the julia extension settings, search for environment there.

You can also activate the base environment @v1.6 by doing ] activate or ] activate @v1.6.

In general, it’s not advisable to do a lot of work with the base environment, because you will accumulate lots of unrelated packages for different projects over time which increases the chance of version conflicts and outdated packages, and if you update something for one project, it might break another project you also built on the base environment. It’s much more efficient to have a new environment for each little project, where you only have exactly the dependencies that are needed.


Hi, jules
thanks for your reply.
when i click file-preferences-settings, and search “environment”. I don’t seem to have found the relevant settings to turn off this behavior.

A month ago, when I started Julia REPL, I directly entered the basic environment.