Solving ODEdifferential equations where each time point is in triplicate

I want to be able to calculate the exponential growth rate of some experimental data collected everyday for 11 days in triplicate. The experimental data can be set up in any way but I have cell counts of every day for 11 days in triplicate. The differential equation problem I am trying to solve is the following function singleExpGrowth(du,u,p,t) du[1] = p[1].*u[1] end where p[1] is the exponential growth rate I am trying to calculate for. I want the code to take into account all the replicates for each time point to calculate an estimated exponential growth curve that will give the smallest residual sum of squares between each experimental replicate and the corresponding points in the estimated curve. In addition, I would like to calculate the AIC for the model.

I have seen examples but the data is always one measurement per data point. Any examples or tips would be great. If the code could also give me a range of values that could fit my curve great that would also be amazing

It’s really just a choice of loss function. If you want a way that’s somewhat more automated, then you may want to check out this tutorial: