Solution foun by heuristic GLPK

Hi guys!
I am using GLPK solver for a MIP. The output terminal shows me the next information:

GLPK Simplex Optimizer, v4.64
16 rows, 120 columns, 800 non-zeros
1: obj = 4.548322148e+003 inf = 0.000e+000 (0)

  • 9: obj =  3.270600000e+003 inf =  0.000e+000 (0)

GLPK Integer Optimizer, v4.64
16 rows, 120 columns, 800 non-zeros
120 integer variables, all of which are binary
Integer optimization begins…

  • 9: mip =     not found yet >=              -inf        (1; 0)

Solution found by heuristic: 3351

  • 14: >>>>> 3.330000000e+003 >= 3.330000000e+003 0.0% (1; 3)
  • 14: mip = 3.330000000e+003 >= tree is empty 0.0% (0; 7)

I don’t want him to use heuristics to find a solution and, I don’t know which parameter i should disable for this.

Do you have any idea how to disable the option: provide solution found by heuristic in GLPK.

Thanks for your help!

May I ask why you don’t want heuristics?

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I’m not sure if GLPK has an option to turn all heuristics off.

I’ve moved your question to the Optimization (Mathematical) category.

anyway, you can always look at the manual:
it seems that the only heuristic ON by default is: simple rounding (sr_heur)

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