Solidworks output from final desiggn

Hi , I am doing topology optimization using gridap. I want the final design in solidworks format to make it ready for 3d printing. i have my final design as density field. how can i have the solidworks output?
thank you

I have no idea since this is not in my field. With that said, Meshes.jl is very robust ecosystem so you might be able to find some help in that with stl files and such. There is also a JuliaLang Zulip channel for Meshes.jl to check out.


SolidWorks file format is a proprietary and closed one AFAIK (and may change with each new version once a year). Do you want to import your data into SW for further processing? Then SW would import any common format - and if not, you may use FreeCAD for import.

Search for STL here on the discourse produces a number of hits - you may want to check them first.

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I use the matlab version of universal file import, which is also available in python. Check it out. It should work with PyCall or equivalent. I have not tried the python version from Julia (or anywhere else). Many programs of this type support universal files