Slack: the chat tool we love to hate?


It’s so interesting to see that Zulip really is the great solution on paper, but I really dislike it in practice, because if how they’re trying to re-invent the chat wheel. It’s too confusion and topics are too separated imo. Might depend on the group of people using it.


In a similar discussion among the de-RSE organisation the Clients: ( and ( were highly advertised


The same discussion has been repeated in several other lang forums:

  1. Python:, (tl;dr: Python uses both Discourse and Zulip (I only know the latter being
  2. Rust: (tl;dr: Discord (I can’t access the link) and Zulip)
  3. Clojure: (tl;dr: Zulip)

I think it is better to experiment with several platforms at once and observe which one naturally sticks longer.