Access to the Julia Zulip chats

Hi all, as some may know, a lot of us are experimenting with using Zulip instead of Slack right now but we’ve noticed that and both already exist but we haven’t been able to find out who owns / admins those organizations or how to join them.

Does anyone here have access to them and if you are, are you able to share that access?

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Okay, so it turns out that if one registers a new account with the julialang instance you can get in without the invite link.

@fredrikekre @kristoffer.carlsson @ararslan @StefanKarpinski

Are any of you admins on either of those Zulips?

Zulip INSTEAD of slack? It seems Zulip is more a chat, where slack is a forum. Different things. I prefer the forum form for serious question and answers/solutions. A chat can not provide this.

When you say Slack, do you mean Discourse? I would not describe Slack as a forum.

Sorry. Mixed discourse and slack (its late, need to sleep).

I think maybe @malmaud started a zulip at one point - maybe he’s the admin of one of those?

Okay, I’m now and admin of the JuliaLang Zulip, here’s the invite link, please join if youre interested:


On a side note there is also this mattermost server (, who is in charge for that? Because there is 0 indication of how to get in.

Just a note about Zulip, as an open source community we’re entitled to get their Standard Plan for free, so I’ve contacted them and we now no longer have a message limit and all users get 10GB of file storage.