Slack link not working :(

I tried using the slack link, but it says invite has expired. Any other way to join in?

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Hey, did you try: The Julia Language Slack?

I’ve gotten 3 emails about this in the last day and already updated it with a fresh link.

Yeah I just did again and

Invitation expired

It looks like you’re trying to accept an invitation, but the link was deactivated.

Contact the person who originally invited you about getting a new link or manually inviting you.

it gave me this error. Also I mailed you about it just now too sorry saw this after that

Can you try clearing your cache or a using a private browser window?

I tried it in a private browser window, it still gave me the same thing

Very odd, Slack says: “Current link will expire in 29 days (Monday, March 8th)”. Please email me and I will get you added:


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Looks like Slack’s invite link system was experiencing technical difficulties today. Should be resolved.