Single Transferable Vote by Meek's Method


Thinking of working on this as a weekend project.

Anyone has interest or suggestions for the implementation?


Clicked => See date 1987 => What? No Blockchain? => Not sexy

(of course I am making fun, but this was the neural cascade of my brain cells and I am ashamed)

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I think this is another of those great mathematics advancements that were not follow through due to the computational capabilities not being on par (e.g., similar to neural networks). Aggregating preferences is one of those topics which will always have important applications.

Blockchain has great potential but in my eyes it has been so under-used in favor of solving something that was not an issue. Out of the many issues with monetary systems, de-centralization might be at the bottom and crypto currencies sadly have just been a energy-hungry speculative bubble with little social benefit to show for.

Edited to add the single best most accurate description of Bitcoin I could find:

Imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could then trade for heroin.

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I found that a neat implementation of it in the R package vote (2021) [2102.05801] The vote Package: Single Transferable Vote and Other Electoral Systems in R. I think it might be a cool project to port that functionality to Julia.

Making good progress and should have something to share soon.

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