Simple Knet.jl Question: save/load model?

I’m new to julia (as of last week; toyed a bit long time ago with v0.2). I’ve looked over previous Knet posts, searched docs, and Knet (stable) source but can’t find an example of saving/loading a model.

I see what look like some examples of loading or saving a model, but in the knet source these are in the deprecated directory… for example model = gpucopy(load(opts["modelfile"],"model")) in Knet predict.jl deprecated example … or this in the deprecated s2s.jl # todo: implement load/save: revive cpucopy - done

Could someone point me to an example or help me with how one saves and loads an pre-trained model?

What I’m trying to do: I’m evaluating julia for use in my company. Ideally I’d like to build ML/DL models and provide a backend “prediction” API… doing all of that in 1 language would be awesome!

One option is to build the graph (and likely train) in python-tensorflow then use go-tensorflow (maybe to train, definitely to serve the model) with go http server.

I’t might also be cool to see if I could build in Knet (or flux) and see if I could somehow serve the model from go (my understanding though is that would not be straightforward).

They are using the JLD.jl library. I would instead suggest using JLD2.jl

It’ll save pretty much anything. But one thing to remember is you have to using KNet before loading in order for it to know how to rebuild the types.

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sweet, thanks. Gonna check it out. I’m thrilled (and a bit overwhelmed) at the number of projects in julia’s ecosystem. Just got done scanning down the list of packages in JuliaML… :astonished:

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