Sifting in DataFramesMeta (or DataFrames)

I have a DataFrame (df) that has a column of string and a column of floats as the first two columns. I am trying sift df by specifying particular entries in the first and second column. I was hoping that the following would work in DataFramesMeta, but it doesn’t

`@where(df, :marketIds .= "1.171398518", :stockIds .= 8.962037e6)`

I get: “MethodError: no method matching &(::String, ::Float64)”

How is my problem solved? I have no preference for DataFramesMeta or DataFrames (here to learn, so if I should have a preference, I will develop one!)

It is .==:

@where(df, :marketIds .== "1.171398518", :stockIds .== 8.962037e6)
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