Showing the algorithm used in DifferentialEquations.jl

Consider a simple code to solve an ODE by DifferentialEquations.jl shown in the documentation:

using DifferentialEquations
f(u,p,t) = 1.01*u
u0 = 1/2
tspan = (0.0,1.0)
prob = ODEProblem(f,u0,tspan)
sol = solve(prob)

In the last line, solve seems to pick an appropriate algorithm for the given problem and use it. Is there a way to show which algorithm is picked by solve?

We can choose a specific algorithm at will by changing the line to something like

sol = solve(prob, Tsit5())

where Tsit5() indicates the algorithm to use. But I would like to know which algorithm was picked by solve when the algorithm was not specified by the user, because for my problem the default algorithm picked by solve seems to perform pretty well.