Showing full stacktrace on error in the repl


Is there some way to show the full stacktrace when an error happens in the REPL? An example error is

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching to_shape(::Tuple{XArray.Axis,XArray.Axis})
Closest candidates are:
  to_shape(::Int64) at abstractarray.jl:437
  to_shape(::Tuple{}) at abstractarray.jl:433
  to_shape(::Tuple{Vararg{Int64,N}}) at abstractarray.jl:434
 in similar(::XArray.DataArray{Float64,2}) at ./abstractarray.jl:424

Is there a way to expand the ... and show the full stacktrace?


I think the ... is from the “Closest candidate”-suggestions and has nothing to do with the stacktrace.


Oh ok. Maybe I’m off the mark here.