Should Julia target startups?

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PumasAI is a startup company and product, plus 6+ I can name, including Julia Computing Inc. (now renamed JuliaHub Inc.). @ChrisRackauckas It’s very specialized, and users/customers may not know (or care, even if they know it’s Julia).

I don’t believe killer apps apply to languages (you may have had mass-market killer apps in mind, as opposed to e.g. PumasAI, though I doubt it would help a lot), they don’t form monopolies (or duopolies) for languages, as opposed operating systems and hardware. All publicity is good, and use in education more important I think rather than in killer apps. Many smaller apps may help more than one large.

That said “ Cloud” may be a killer app for Julia (but also R and Python, unclear how to me since based on Pluto.jl which only supports Julia natively, though you can call others with interop, but I believe can’t otherwise be the main languages):

Googling “julia jobs” for the (longer) answer, gave me (i.e. the Bing plugin for Firefox), and knowing about jobs may be more/most important:

Certainly! If you’re interested in Julia programming jobs, here are some opportunities:

Data Scientist Fellowship at Delaware Tech Impact:
Location: Wilmington, DE (Hybrid remote)
Salary: $70,000 per year
Duration: 1-year Fellowship Program (June 2024 to May 2025)
Role: As a Data Scientist, you’ll collaborate with partners to design, develop, and deploy production-grade solutions for social good. Your work will directly impact communities in Delaware and beyond. Responsibilities include data analysis, hypothesis-driven approaches, and communicating findings to clients and stakeholders.

JuliaCon 2023:
Julia Computing is expanding its team and hiring for various positions, including product managers, cloud engineers, sales engineers, compiler experts, and ML practitioners. If you’re passionate about Julia […]

And links to those and more info, e.g.
Jobs Board | JuliaCon 2023