"Should I use Julia or Chapel" (found)


Here is Jonathan Dursi’s personal perspective and his [concerns] (https://www.dursi.ca/post/julia-vs-chapel.html#strengths-weaknesses-and-future-prospects).

Two of his concerns merit obviation. Every public package should have a readiness/applicability tag and the package listing programs should be able to filter on those. Any package that does not work with the current release or the prior release and any empty package or package with empty included files should not appear unless requested.

Links to curated package sublists should be featured more prominantely and the participants in a JuliaGroup should provide a set of links to packages in their field which they deem of particular quality.

The devs and experimenters who have made some strides with Julia driven webbity as a means of and medium for smooth, safe, successful interactive interworkings could schedule a few online meetings before JuliaCon, as that would encourage coalescence of that-which-becomes-widely-used and seminal.