Short-term scientific programmer for crop-growth modelling

We are looking for a developer to help us translate an open-source crop growth model into Julia, and integrate it into our model of agricultural ecosystems.

As part of a project on sustainable farming in the EU, our team at the Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig is developing an agent-based model of agriculture and ecosystems ( For this, we are looking for somebody to help us integrate the FAO’s AquaCrop model, which is currently available in Fortran, Matlab, and Python.

We can offer a student helper (Hiwi) or research technician (TV-ÖD E9) position for six months or longer. Remote work is possible, but priority would be given for someone based in Germany. A degree in biology, agronomy or environmental science is useful but not required - more important for us would be the willingness to learn about how plants grow :smiling_face:

If you are interested (or have more questions), reach out to and we can discuss the details!