SharedArray using DataFrames()

Hi all

I use the DataFrame.jl package to define and manipulate arrays across several nested functions.

I plan to parallelize some of the tasks (e.g., for loops with data allocations) by using the Distributed.jl package. To allow for a simultaneous modification across workers of these DataFrame objects in each iteration, I am planning to use the library SharedArrays

Toy example:

using DataFrames
using Distributed
@everywhere using SharedArrays

ixt = 100
ixr = 10

#Empty df()
A = DataFrame(Matrix{Any}(Nothing(), ne, nx), :auto) 

#Non-parallelized loop:
for ie = 1:ne
    for ix = 1:nx
        A[ie, ix] = 10 + ie #random calculation

# Parallelized version:
for ie = 1:ne
    @sync @distributed for ix = 1:nx
        A[ie, ix] = 10 + ie #random calculation

For the parallelized version, we will first need to declare the matrix A to be modified inside the for loop in each parallel iterations by typing something like:

A = SharedArray(DataFrame(Matrix{Any}(Nothing(), ne, nx), :auto))

However, that produces the following error message:

julia> A = SharedArray(DataFrame(Matrix{Any}(Nothing(), ne, nx), :auto))
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching SharedArray(::DataFrame)

Any idea is much appreciated!