Serve csv files in a directory as web pages with auto updated index pages

Say I have a directory to store experiment results as csv files. Is there a lightweight framework that can serve those dynamically increasing/updated files as web pages with auto generated index pages according to the subfolder/file structure. Anything usable is fine, not necessary in julia. If tables can be sorted/filtered like the vscode excel viewer extension, it would be better. Currently I open those csv files by hand and use excel viewer.

I’m not sure I fully understand your use case but LiveServer can serve a folder in your browser, it’ll show you a clickable index, and when you click on a CSV file, it’ll be shown by the browser in raw format:

if the underlying files change, the changes will be reflected in the browser. If it’s just for quick and easy monitoring, that might be enough.

If you want formatted output, you can do that with Franklin and PrettyTables but that might not be worth the effort in your case.

I need format for column item matching. Just found I could set the vscode extension excel viewer open csv by default to skip the manual open view step. Good enough for my use case. Although a csv serving service could be better for sharing with other people.

"workbench.editorAssociations": {
    "*.csv": "gc-excelviewer-csv-editor",
    "*.xlsx": "gc-excelviewer-excel-editor"