Serde.jl - A package for serialization-deserialization

I am wondering this has not been posted here before, but the popular Rust package ‘serde’ has been ported to Julia.

This was quoted more than once to me as one of the packages, that sets Rust apart from the rest, and I am very happy to see, that a pretty substantial part of it, is done.


It is my understanding that Serde.jl is not a port of the popular Rust package, but simply an implementation of the general concept of “Serialization-Deserialization”. There was considerable discussion when the package was registered that the name might be a misrepresentation. It was deemed OK ultimately, but this post illustrates exactly why the package name was/is highly problematic.

P.S.: I’ve edited the title of the post to avoid the mischaracterization.


Can you link me this discussion, please?
Thank you

Looks like some of it was on Slack so probably lost to the Slack hole:

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That’s right… there’s the linked registration issue, but there was also some discussion off the record (on Slack)