Sentry support for Julia

Has anyone have used sentry Platforms | Sentry Documentation with julia I can not find a package for it

Old (and empty) thread but wondering if you learned anything about this? Most likely there isn’t any (none that I could find). Thinking about creating a package - I can probably reverse engineer the PHP and/or Ruby implementations. Wrapping the Python API can also be a way (though I’d prefer native Julia).

@essenciary if you decide to write a native julia sentry package, can you please post back here?


Hey @essenciary, did you by any chance create a native Julia sentry package? I’m currently browsing around for existing solutions, but so far I have only found one package (which I still need to check out).

No, sorry, this one fell off my radar.

That package looks like a great find though, maybe we can contribute to it.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Well, I’ll definitely be taking a closer look at what the package offers and try to expand some of its features if needed.