Selling prediction ? Is any package for this?

Selling prediction ? Is any package for this ?

Julia has general packages for estimating and validating simple predictive models (eg GLM.jl), but of course the user has to understand the relevant methodology.

What do you mean by “selling prediction” ? What are the input and output variables? Do you have a method in mind? Julia has lots of methods to predict things in general, and I have done sales predictions (with R, same thing really), but you have to think about your problem and program it properly into Julia to get predictions. And always cross-validate.

It is agriculture market, most seasonal, depend from weather etc. i have
data about selling by time.
W dniu 2018-03-06 o 16:57, Pasha Roberts pisze:

It seems that you don’t understand the answers above.

This is a specific exercise in statistics/modeling, not something for which a prepackaged solution exists. If you have the expertise to do it, you can use existing statistical tools in Julia as building blocks. If you don’t (which appears to be the case), you have to hire someone to do it for you, or learn some statistics.

For regressions, I would recommend Gelman & Hill, which you can follow along with GLM.jl in Julia (for the non-MCMC part). For more sophisticated models, Harrison & West has a lot of examples in sales modeling.