Seeking English-to-Spanish Volunteer Translator for 2022 Julia User & Developer Survey

We are looking for a volunteer translator to translate the 2022 Julia User & Developer Survey from English into Spanish.

We can provide a copy of last year’s survey in English and Spanish - most of the content is the same.

Here is the latest English version:

The results of the survey will be presented at JuliaCon next month.

If you are able to help, please contact me at

Thank you!


Hey Andrew. I would be glad to help but I think it would be easier if it was a collaborative effort. Is it possible to have more than one contributor? The last survey was also in spanish as far as I remeber, so It could be a good starting point.

Is there a tool that is good for a collaborative effort for translation?


I’d be glad to help too! Either collaboratively or individually (although it is always best when shared!)

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Thanks Viral. We are using a collaborative google doc.

Two questions:
Is the order of the answers important? For example in english the country names are alphabetically ordered, but in translation they are not, which makes them harder to find. Is it okay to re-arrange?

Is it on the interest of the julia community to do an effort to use inclusive language? (I say yes). Many professions in Spanish get a male-default (scientist → científico, so it takes intention to make it inclusive). Summoning here @miguelraz to chime in.

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Hey all - I’ve just been buried by giving a Julia course the past 2 weeks.
I’m also interested - thanks for the ping @Argel_Ramirez_Reyes.

@viralbshah yes, at many different scales and with several different constraints - but if this is a one-off translattion they might be more overkill than self-assigning all the translation pages/docs on a Google sheet and have people work on the same google doc.

Thank you! Spanish translation is complete but I will put you on the list for next year. Thank you! Andrew

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