SciML, early works and precursors

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As a part of my master thesis, I’m making a literature overview of SciML and particularly tracing the origins of the approach.

I appreciate any suggestions on early papers or other sources on research that has been important to the development of SciML.

So far, I’ve been able to find some papers from the early 90’s and one from the 80’s:

  • Psichogios, D., and L. Ungar. “A Hybrid Neural-Network First Principles Approach to Process Modeling.” AIChE Journal 38 (October 1992): 1499–1511.

  • Haesloop and Holt, 1990, “A Neural Network Structure for System Identification”

  • Lapedes, A.,Farber R.,1987, “Nonlinear Signal Processing Using Neural Networks: Prediction and System Modeling”

I’m also aware of the Cybenko paper (Cybenko, G., 1989, “Approximation by superpositions of a sigmoidal function.”

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References I recently used are

And for a broader overview

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Thanks a lot! This is great :slight_smile: