Scale z plot3d

Dear all,
How can I reduze the zscale in my plot?

using Plots

f(x,y) = y < x ? cos(8x) + sin(8y) : NaN
x = LinRange(-2, 2, 100);
y = LinRange(-2, 2, 100);
surface(x, y, f,aspect_ratio = .3)

See the strange figure. Aspect ration reduces all dimensions…


Try playing with the zlims argument, for ex.: surface(x, y, f, zlims=(-4,4))

To customize both aspect ratio and plot aesthetics you can use PlotlyJS.jl:

using PlotlyJS
include("plotlyju.jl"); # style file:

f(x,y) = y < x ? cos(8x) + sin(8y) : NaN
xg =  -2:0.02:2
z = [f.(x,y)  for  x in xg, y in xg];

trace = PlotlyJS.surface(x=xg, y =xg, z=z, 
pl = PlotlyJS.plot(trace, 
                   Layout(width=600, height=600,
                         scene_aspectratio=attr(x=1, y=1, z=0.5)),