Say I have an array of symbols `[:w, :z, :c]` , how can I use it as a sorting ord

Say that I have an array of Tuples [(:c, 2), (:z, 2), (:w, 2)] and I want to sort it such that I get [(:w, 2), (:z, 2), (:c, 2)] , i.e. that the symbols are in the same order as in [:w, :z, :c]

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Here are two possible solutions:

x = [(:c, 2), (:z, 2), (:w, 2)];
t = [:w, :z, :c];
order = Dict([t[i] => i for i in 1:length(t)]);
sort(x, by = y -> order[first(y)])
3-element Array{Tuple{Symbol,Int64},1}:
 (:w, 2)
 (:z, 2)
 (:c, 2)


x = [(:c, 2), (:z, 2), (:w, 2)];
t = [:w, :z, :c];
sort(x, by = x->findfirst(y->y==first(x), t))
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