Saving LinearModel without data

My question:

How can I save the results of a regression (say a LinearModel from GLM.jl) without the data that are stored inside the object?


I run several regressions using GLM.jl. At some point after all the results are in, some of the regressions are combined into tables (perhaps using RegressionTables.jl). Until I know exactly how I want to display the results, I want to store the each regression in a file.


  1. Delete the data inside the LinearModel object.
    Drawback: this would depend on the undocumented internal structure of the object, which could change at any time.
  2. Save only the information that I want to display in a custom object.
    Drawback: RegressionTables.jl (and probably other packages) expect a LinearModel as input. So I would not be able to use those.

Are there better options?