Saving functions with JLD2

Hi all,

I am currently engaged in modelling/forecasting SARS-CoV-2 transmission (like everyone else it feels like…).

My current work flow involves parameter inference, and I contain all the relevant information about what I’ve inferred about various parameters in a struct. I then save these structs using JLD2.

One of the fields of the struct is the log-prior function and another is the log-likelihood function. Therefore, each of these struct contains all the data, transmission model, and statistical model information I need to replicate the analysis.

This was not a problem, since JLD2 saves (or saved?) the names of each function; each function name corresponds to a defined option in my TransmissionModels Module e.g. one function might be TransmissionModel.negative_binomial_PCR_model, and another might be TransmissionModel.beta_binomial_PCR_model. So long as TransmissionModels was imported before loading the saved structs this was not a problem.

However, now JLD2 is throwing an error:

typeof(TransmissionModel.negative_binomial_PCR_model)() not defined.

I’ve ‘solved’ the problem by pinning back to JLD2 0.2.0, but I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for saving functions as a field in a struct using JLD2 (or whatever other IO package).

There is an open issue for this problem. So far now workaround for JLD2 0.3 has been suggested, but 0.2.4 works.


Thanks for letting me know.

Should have checked JuliaIO/JLD2 issue (or created one) before whinging on here, I blame working into the night…