Saving and retriving information to files inside a big for loop

I have the following code running inside a loop that will run about 100 times but each iteration may take several hours.

open(string(“tree_”, tree, “.txt”), “a”) do file
println(file, (i, tree, model, length(sols), fibers(tree, model), nsols, npoints))

Note: Not sure how to type here so that the tab on the second line displays.

Some of the computations have finished and I was expecting to see some of these files in the directory but so far no new files.

Question: Are the files going to be created until after the big for loop is done? Is there a way to retrieve somehow the files that are supposed to be there? I am afraid that the computation may crash at later stages or not finish for a long time, but I am interested in getting the data files that are supposed to be done.

Thank you very much for any help.

Check with pwd() what your current directory is.

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