Save output from DifferentialEquations

Dear all,
Using DifferentialEquations I have beautiful results from

sol = solve(ensembleprob,SRIW1(),EnsembleThreads(),trajectories=ϕ,saveat=δt);

Question is how to save ‘sol’ ?? I have tried io withtout success

io = open("soldata.txt","w");



then shifted to

using JDF
@time jdffile ="sol.jdf", sol)

without success again

AssertionError: Tables.istable(df)

is there a convenient way to store thoses results ???
Thx !

Current best practices are documented in I/O: Saving and Loading Solution Data · DifferentialEquations.jl . We should also add that Julia’s serialization format can be a good idea too.

great ! is there a way to compress those datas like with JDF ? At the end I have a … 32Gb file (damned…)
thx !

What’s a JDF?

Job Definition Format

obviously it was able to, somehow, ‘compress’ data.
Very useful feature as I am now outputing 150Gbytes files… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: