Save gif with a filename

Hi everyone!
I’m looking at creating gif in this link
and I’m wondering how to save gif with a filename without using @animate.
For example, the following code would generate a gif file with filename “tmp.gif”. How can I specify the filename in the code without using @animate?

n = 400
t = range(0, 2π, length = n)
x = 16sin.(t).^3
y = 13cos.(t) .- 5cos.(2t) .- 2cos.(3t) .- cos.(4t)

@gif for i ∈ 1:n
    circleplot(x, y, i, line_z = 1:n, cbar = false, c = :reds, framestyle = :none)
end when i > 40 && mod1(i, 10) == 5
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If @animate does the same job, why would you need something else?

Sounds good!