Safe to interrupt precompilation?

If precompilation starts (e.g. when I load an environment or add a package to an environment), is it safe to interrupt that with Ctrl+c (or some other method), if I know I am going to perform another action which is going to precompile again immediately afterwards (e.g. update the environment or add another package to it)?

I am often frustrated waiting for precompilation to complete several times in a row.


My sense is it is “mostly safe”. The worse situation is that we end up with corrupted files in .julia/compiled. The fix involves removing files in that folder.

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I do it all the time. I hope I’m not getting corrected files… I believe this is supported, should work, though annoyingly I sometimes lose the cursor. If I recall I’ve also had a segfault so if you have important data, be aware it could happen.

The other alternative for me is kind of worse, OOM, and that’s not good in Linux…