Running tests on code defined in package extension


Is there any way to run unit tests on methods/types defined in a package extension (but not exposed by the main package) ?

As an example, say that our package exposes only one function:
sample(model, rng ....)
We write an extension to define sample on a different model type, but for that to work we need to wrap the model and run a few pre-processing steps before running sample(wrapped(model), rng...).
I’d like to write some tests on the intermediate functions defined in the extension without exposing them in the main package.

Just load the other dependent package during your tests, which will load the package extension.

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That wouldn’t expose the functions defined in the extension code that are not exposed in the main package

If you extend a function by definitions (i.e. import something and add new signatures to it) then loading both solves the problem

If you define new functions in the extension, these might not even be in global scope – ever, if I understand extensions correctly for now.
So how would you normally call these functions then? The same way you would do the test.

edit: Sorry I was not careful enough in reading – you import the sample function in your extension so you add method definitions to it, these are actually available when loading both packages as @mkitti already wrote.

Example: Manifolds.jl has an NLSolve extension, that also does the same as yours, it extends a method by further signatures… and here
Manifolds.jl/approx_inverse_retraction.jl at master · JuliaManifolds/Manifolds.jl · GitHub is the test – Manifolds.jl is loaded either before or through utils.jl, so with NLSolve together the extension and its functionality is loaded and afterwards tested.

Thanks for the help, that explains half of my problem. Should have given a bit more details, in my case the sample function is quite complicated and I split it in a few smaller functions, something like this

module MainPackage
  function sample end
  export sample

module MainPackageExt

 function subfn() end
 function wrapper() end

 function sample()

Just wondering if there’s a way to unit test subfn instead of just testing MainPackageExt.sample

if you use import MainPackage: sample
as the first line within MainPackageExt you can call both sample functions with just sample() (if you happen to have a default implementation without the extension).

For subfn directly I am not aware how that could directly be tested, but can you issue sample-calls that end up covering all cases of subfn?

PS: I just saw atop the topic here – Welcome to the Julia Discourse! :partying_face:

PPS: In naming, the extension Names I saw until now are MainPackageSecondPackageExt when you main package gets extended once the second package is loaded.