Running Julia and Juno from behind corporate firewall and proxy - A simple working setup

This has been asked a few times and I promised to post my setup. We run Julia on a daily basis from behind a corporate firewall. The proxy server setup uses an automatic configuration script. The script distributes traffic between different proxy servers, but the setup here needs a single proxy server IP address, so step one is to read the script and select one of the proxy servers’ IP address and port number.

Then add the following to your .gitconfig (using your own proxy server’s IP and port)

	proxy =
	sslVerify = false
	proxy =

This will sort out Julia’s own package manager, but Atom’s APM is still blocked. To get around that, I added the following to my .apmrc (in the user’s .atom folder):

http_proxy =
https_proxy =
proxy =

I keep two copies of each of .gitconfig and .apmrc - one with these settings and one without. I then have two batch files. One replaces the active files with the “work config” and the other does the same with the “home config”. This makes for a quick and easy switch when I am working from home.

I hope this help someone else who is struggling with this.