Running CI for Julia 1.6 on Github MacOS runners seems to fail?

I am trying to get tests for a package to pass on Julia 1.6 and different OS.
Here is my CI file: Open62541.jl/.github/workflows/CI.yml at main · martinkosch/Open62541.jl

Things are going fine, except for MacOS X, which fails with the following (not very explanatory message):

Does it mean that there is no Julia 1.6 version (anymore?) on mac os github runners that run on ARM64 architecture? Is this what the error message is trying to tell me?

Of course, any suggestions on how to “fix” my CI file would be also most welcome!

In the CI for one of our packages, we’ve been using v1 for the setup-julia action and it passes that stage of the CI so you could try switching from v2 to v1 (should be easy to change in the CI.yml file).

This should come with a caveat that we’ve been having issues with the GitHub actions MacOS runners as well, just later on in the CI process, but this is likely related directly to our package.

Thanks jmair.

I dug a little more around and it seems that this is a known issue:
Failed without logs on MacOS Julia 1.6 · Issue #240 · julia-actions/setup-julia (

There never was.

This has nothing to do with setup-julia v1 vs v2.

You have some options:

  • always force using the x64 build of Julia (with: arch: x64)
  • don’t run macOS tests on 1.6 with aarch64 architecture
  • don’t use macos-latest (which means macos-14, which is Apple Silicon only) and instead use macos-13, which runs on native Intel CPUs. This will probably stop working at some point in the future.